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Q.  I am a property manager.  2 years ago, I bought faucets from overseas and now regret it.  The quality is not good enough to last over the long haul, I can't find parts, and there is no service available.  I am hesitant now to buy a "cheap" faucet.  I am interested in your faucets because you  manufacture in the U.S.  If I have a problem, do you provide support?
American Brass provides excellent quality and customer service.  When you call us, our technicians and salesmen have the experience to teach customers about our faucets and plumbing products.  Our average employee has worked for us from 25 - 30 years.  We not only provide you with the faucets that meet your business needs, we also use our experience to help you choose the best faucets for you.  Not only do we discuss price, but durability and quality needs. 

Q. I am a property manager for a company that owns 6 buildings with approximately 1200 units that are multi-family in the Rochester, NY area.  We own retirement community units, resort community units for summer workers (dormitory like units), and rentals.  I need help choosing. 
Retirement communities use our ADA approved faucets that are easier to move and turn.  Our dormitory communities often choose economical models that can take a beating and be replaced at a low cost.  Rental communities often choose their faucets depending on rent being charged and the clientelle.

Q. I have noticed slow water flow in both my kitchen and lavatory faucets. Is there something I can do to help improve the flow without replacing the entire faucet?
There could be a number of reasons your water flow is slow. Check the water pressure leading into your house. Water pressure may vary from city to city and well to well depending on your location. Secondly, most kitchen and lavatory faucets are equipped with a low flow aerator on the spout where the water exits the faucet. This aerator is designed to mix water and air to create a white aerated stream that prevents splashing. This creates a bubble stream of water. This device is also designed to conserve water and energy. Over time depending on the water conditions in your area the wafer thin screens in this aerator will collect debris and mineral deposits which slow the flow of water. Additionally, with new homes many times debris may collect in the water lines during the construction process. If these lines are not properly flushed water will move debris to the end device on the faucet (aerator) creating slow water flow. By removing the threaded aerator from the faucet and cleaning the debris and replacing the aerator your water flow should improve. Depending on usage and location the periodic maintenance or replacement of your aerator should help improve your water flow.

Q. We are located in Georgia and are remodeling our laundry room, do you offer any faucets that we can use for our laundry room?
Yes, our 16 series can be used as a laundry faucet.  This comes in three finishes that are chrome, brushed nickel and oil rubbed bronze.

Q.  We would like to replace our shower heads in our bathrooms with a showerhead that is a bit more substantial and higher quality.  What would you recommend?
We do receive this inquiry quite often and would recommend one of our rainfall shower kitís that comes complete with the arm and flange.  This comes in three finishes chrome, brushed nickel and oil rubbed bronze.  In talking with our customers who have purchased this as a replacement part find this easy to install.  Additionally find that the water disperses more evenly through the rainfall shower kit as compared to a smaller (standard) shower head.

Q.  What does GPM mean and are there advantages to having one over another?
GPM means gallon per minute and is the measure of flow units per minute.  The lower the flow rate the higher the water savings.  For example, faucets with 1.5 GPM versus 2.0 GPM are saving water because 1.5 GPM only 1.5 gallons of water flow per minute versus 2.0 GPM in which 2.0 gallons of water flow per minute.

Q. I own 3 plumbing stores in Cleveland, OH.  Do you carry different lines of facets and plumbing fixtures for me to distribute in my stores? 
Yes, we carry 3 lines of fixtures.  Currently 2 of those lines are represented on our site.  The Empire line is our most economical line.  The Wexford faucet line is our middle end and the Carrington is our higher end line.

Q. Can I buy a kitchen faucet directly from you?  I live in Utah and it is easiest to purchase things over the phone or internet.
Let us know your specific location in Utah, and we will connect you with your local distributor.  If no local distributor is available, we will make sure you receive the products you need.

Q. I run a small hardware store in Williamsville, outside of Buffalo, NY.  What is required for me to become a distributor of your faucets and sell them in my store?
If you contact us at American Brass Mfg Co at 800-431-6440, we can give you the details of becoming a distributor.  We can work out a plan that meets your needs and goals.

Q. I purchased a chrome lavatory drain from a local plumber in Wisconsin.  The drain is made by American Brass Mfg.  I am trying to fix a plugged sink and do not want to ruin the drain in the process.  Do you have a customer service number I can call for help?
Yes, please call us at 800-431-6440 and our customer service department can give you specific information.  If possible, please know the model number of your part.


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