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Tub & Shower - Lever, Handle, and Spout
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Bar Faucets & Laundry Faucets
Rainfall Shower Kit with Faucet
Lavatory Drain - All Metal with Overflow
Pump Soap Dispensers
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About American Brass
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About American Brass Manufacturing Company

About American Brass Manufacturing Company

 The first and founding generation began the American Brass Mfg Co in 1894.

About American Brass Manufacturing Company

 Robert C McConville (see above image) was president of American Brass and passed away in 2009.  His son, Robert F. McConville, is now president of the company.

About American Brass Manufacturing Company

 Helen C. (Arth) McConville is Robert C McConville’s wife and Robert F McConville’s mother.  She is part of the third generation.  Her grandfather originally founded the company.

For over 120 years the Arth-McConville family has been building faucets in Cleveland, OH. In 1894 the six Arth brothers established a brass foundry named The American Brass Mfg Co. The company has been supplying faucets and parts to builders and plumbing supply houses throughout the United States with a strong reputation for product quality and reliability.

The conscientious and enterprising business practices started by the founding generation have been passed down and remain the core principles that are evident in the company today. The company has adapted to the ever-changing demands of the market and has witnessed several major wars and economic swings challenging the management from generation to generation.

Building on the vast experience we have acquired throughout the years, we strive to bring a stream of new products to the market with new designs to meet the specialized needs of our customers. The founding family continues to manage the company with the 4th and 5th generations, providing our customers the ability to manufacture and test our products from our factory in Cleveland, OH. We value your trust in us and we thank you who have supported us throughout the years.

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Bob, Shannon, and Matt McConville at the Northeast Ohio Apartment Association trade show in Cleveland, Ohio.



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