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New Group Purchasing Member - American Brass Manufacturing

The McConville family has been manufacturing faucets for 120 years in Cleveland, OH.

Article found in NOAA: Northeast Ohio Apartment Associate Magazine Suites
September 2012

The American Brass Manufacturing Company has been supplying faucets from its original factory at 5000 Superior Avenue in downtown Cleveland, OH since 1894.

The company takes pride in delivering quality products and excellent service at competitive prices.   Today, the 118 year old company is run by the 4th and 5th generations of the McConville family.  Considering the fact that less than 3% of all family owned businesses make it past the 3rd generation, the McConville family stands out for running a business that has persevered through World War I, The Great Depression, World War II
and numerous economic downurns.

Operating from its 100,000 square feet factory and warehouse in downtown Cleveland, American Brass is centrally located in Northeast, OH.  American Brass ships truck load and parcel shipments daily to customers all over the United States.  No matter the size of the job, American Brass has the ability to accommodate their customers’ requirements.

With the ever-changing requirements of customers as well as varying market conditions, American Brass adheres to four guiding principals:

Quality Product and Selection - Because they operate a factory in the United States, American Brass has the ability to test faucets before they are shipped to the customer.  Faucet parts are checked using strict Quality Control measures.  With a variety of dependable cartridge styles ranging from compression to washer-less to ceramic disc, American Brass has many cartridge options.  With the finish, handle and spout options American Brass offers, their customers can design a faucet package that specifically caters to their needs.

Service - American Brass has built its business on service to its customers.  Whether it’s a service issue in the field, a new style faucet or a part their customer’s need, they are always there to serve.  They say their customers value the personal attention they receive.  Customers can schedule an appointment with American Brass specialists at the customer’s office or at their offices in downtown Cleveland to go over current and potential projects.  They state they are one of the few in the field who make local factory representatives available to their customers.

Reliability – American Brass strives to earn their customers’ business every day.  They believe being reliable is not something you do, it’s something you are.  Fostering a culture of dependability is what keeps their customers coming back. 

Competitive Pricing - Because American Brass is a factory, they believe they offer faucets at the most competitive prices to our customers.   They enable their customers not just to save money on the current faucets they buy, but also make it affordable for them to upgrade the look of their faucets.  So whether the customer is strictly looking for a price point or an affordable upgrade, American Brass has a faucet package for everyone.

In the past most property managers just wanted a reliable faucet to fit the holes on a sink.  In today’s market, property owners, and more importantly their residents want faucets that reflect the popular trends and styles of the day.  Having plain chrome faucets with crystal handles or a kitchen faucet with a low profile spout makes a living space seem outdated and cold.   By updating the finish and style of the faucets, property managers are helping give their units a much needed face lift from their current faucets.

When a prospective resident walks into a suite, most often they see the kitchen first.  When that tenant sees a kitchen faucet that has a single control,  a hi-profile gooseneck spout with a pull-down vegetable sprayer in a brushed nickel finish, the client builds on that first impression that this is an upscale unit.  If the tenant gets that feeling right away from the kitchen, they will carry that same perception through the rest of the suite.  Faucets will help create that perceived value that property managers seek to offer their clientele.  American Brass helps the property manager accomplish their goal of updating units at an affordable cost.

American Brass brings to the property manager a faucet program that will help give their suites and individual identity from the other units in the building, thus avoiding a “cookie cutter” look that does not coincide with the ideas and vision of the modern day consumer.  Property managers want to provide living quarters that have a feeling of warmth and value not only to appeal to current clients, but to future customers.  American Brass prides itself on partnering with their property management customers to create a faucet package tailored to the needs of each apartment community.



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