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Q. What is the difference between lavatory drains without overflow protection and with overflow protection?
In our case pertaining to either the 251 or 351 series (without Overflow protection) and lavatory drains with overflow protection in our case pertaining to the 250 or 350 series (with Overflow protection) is in preventing water spillage.  For example when using a lavatory drain with overflow if the faucet is left open and the water continuously flows into the sink, you can be rest assured that your sink will not be filled with water and spill over your counter. When the water reaches the overflow drain, it starts draining the water out. It is like a back up drain.  On the other hand the lavatory drain without overflow will not prevent the water from spilling over your counter if the faucet is left open and the water continuously flows.

Q. I am located in Florida and looking for a replacement lavatory faucet for my sonís lavatory (bathroom).  My son is disabled and can not use a 2 handle faucet do you have any ADA compliant lavatory faucet models?  If so where can I find one?
Yes we do in fact have ADA compliant lavatory faucets.  This is our 77 series that comes in three finishes chrome, brushed nickel and oil rubbed bronze.  It is a 4 inch single-lever with blade handle for easy use.  We have aftermarket distributors near to you, therefore please call us and we will refer you to one.

Q.  I am located in Chicago, IL and am remodeling all of our lavatory bathrooms.  We are looking for something that is modern looking though also affordable.  Do you offer any models that fit these criteria in a variety of finishes? 
We do offer models that fit these criteria which are our 99 series that is a 4 inch center (distance between hot and cold handles) that has an old world spout lever handles and a matching drain.  Other options are our 88 and 29 series.  The 88 series is a 4 inch center (distance between hot and cold handles) that has a high arc spout, lever handles and a matching drain which comes in two finishes (chrome and brushed nickel).  The 29 series is a widespread (adjustable distance between hot and cold handles) that has a low arc spout, teapot handles and comes in three finishes (chrome, brushed nickel and oil rubbed bronze).

Q.  I just recently purchased a vessel sink for my lavatory and am looking for a faucet that would aesthetically look appealing, fit well and meet our price point (is affordable).  Do you have a particular model that you would suggest?
Yes we in fact are seeing more vessels sinks out in the field.  The particular model we recommend and sell for vessel sinks is the 99 series.  As of now it comes in brushed nickel and oil rubbed bronze.  Furthermore the old world spout really makes a difference on the vessel sink.


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